Looking for veterinary services in Lunenburg?

At Fallon Animal Clinic, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:

  • Office Appointments
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgery
  • Dental Surgery
  • Digital X-Ray
  • In House Lab
  • Emergencies
  • Health Certificates
  • Internal Parasite Protection
  • Flea and Tick Control

And many more services! Let us know what you need and we will do our best to help you!

Wellness Visits

The most important preventative medicine you can do for your pet is bring them in for annual wellness exams.Vaccinations, heartworm prevention and routine deworming are important components of wellness care and can prevent diseases that could be life-threatening.

Dental Cleanings

Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition affecting adult pets. From routine cleanings and extractions, to removal of deciduous teeth, it is important to keep your pet’s teeth and mouth healthy- and it smells better too.

Digital Radiographs

Radiographs, commonly known as x-rays are a painless, very safe, and noninvasive way to diagnose broken bones, masses (tumors), obstructions, bladder stones, or hip dysplasia. Radiographs rely on the different densities of various parts of the body.

Heartworm & Flea Preventative

Heartworm and flea and tick preventative are the most common and important treatment you can give your pets. Heartworms in dogs are easy to prevent, but difficult and costly to cure. Heartworm disease has been reported in all 50 states, and the bite of just one mosquito infected with the heartworm larvae will give your dog heartworm disease. One female flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day, and in just 60 days you could have more than 20,000 fleas in your home. You can bring fleas in your home just by going to the store- indoor only pets are not safe from flea infestations.


We offer routine surgical services for your animals ranging from spays and neuters to tumor/growth removals, bladder surgeries, eye enucleations, and more. Call for estimates regarding your specific needs.

Laser Therapy

This advanced pain relief for your pet helps alleviate chronic pain from joints and injuries. It also is used for healing wounds, inflammatory diseases, post surgical healing, and acute musculoskeletal trauma.

In-House Bloodwork & Labs

Our in house blood machines can run a Complete Blood Count and chemistry panel to screen several organs at one time. These results are important in evaluating older pets, pets with vomiting, diarrhea, pets receiving long-term medications, and health before anesthesia. We also send out bloodwork to a laboratory for more specific and exact testing and biopsies. Proactive regular screening promotes early detection of abnormalities resulting in enhanced quality of life and longevity.

Health Certificates

While traveling from state to state in the United States, it is usually recommended or required for your pet to be up to date on vaccinations and have a valid health certificate. Make sure to always check the state and airline requirements so you are prepared for travel.